EURUSD Outlook - The Neverending Dollar Weekness

So we all wanna short eurusd but who/what will stop dollar weakness?

If you're thinking that two doji on a psycological and big level like 1.40, and an overbought condition rsi on a daily chart would be enough to stop such a rally, i'm agree with you.

But please take a look at the following chart, monthly and weekly value are increasing, or not?

euro dollar, cross euro dollar, USD, EURUSD, EUR, inverse head and shoulders

Don't worry. I don't think that an inverse head and shoulders pattern (with target 1.43-1.45) is science but let me ask you a question.

Why you're so eager to buy USD?

Maybe do you think that it is a good and fair price and i could be agree with u once again.

But you're fighting a trend....and in Forex Market trading in such a way will take you to sure failure.